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A Cambrian Company

Hesters of Blenheim offers solid brass products for architectural builders. All products are built from brass extrusions to give a continuous quality and continuity of shape and size. We offer finishes in bronze, bright chrome, satin chrome and polished brass; with powdered coated colours and special finishes to order. Custom manufacture is welcome, ask here for a quote

Hesters of Blenheim products being manufactured now at Cambrian Hardware (a divison of Cambrian Engineering).

Cambrian Hardware


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window fittings
Sample of window fittings... click to see more
321 382 515 285


door and cabinet
Sample of door and cabinet range... click to see more
421 503 511 575


surface mounted socket bolts
Sample of surface mounted socket bolts... click to see more
658 638 637 627


surface mounted flush bolts
Sample of surface mounted flush bolts... click to see more
701 729 760 762


bathroom and shower fittings
Sample of bathroom and shower fittings... click to see more
929 938 944 949


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